Jade Ocean nestles right on the beach in the heart of Sunny Isles Beach, Miami. White sand beaches, incredible blue water, warm sunshine and a gentle breeze make life here amazing. You’ll find that the features and amenities on property help there as well, but there’s nothing quite like having your own private elevator whisk you up to your residence inside this 55-story condo property. Within each residence, you’ll find a host of luxury features, high-end materials and stunning beauty.
Jade Ocean is the most desirable property in the Sunny Isles area, and as such it is very popular among buyers. Over the past two years the sales at Jade Ocean have been very strong and the prices for the units for sale have gone up quite a bit. Jade Ocean condos demand some of the highest price per foot and since 2009 the price per foot has more than doubled.
As the real estate market in Miami and Sunny Isles continues to strengthen, Jade Ocean keeps attracting more and more investors and end-users who buy condos in Jade Ocean because of the incredible value this property offers. Buying now while the prices are still going up is a good way to make a great property investment.

Most Notable Sales at Jade Ocean In August 2014

  • Unit PH4604 – This magnificent penthouse was my listing. It is one of the most stunning duplex in the sky. Meticulously done with top-of-the-line finishes, it was purchased by a family as their summer vacation home. This property was sold for $6,550,000 and it offered 5 bedrooms, 6 baths and magnificent ocean views. The sale price was a new record for the building at $1,259 per square foot. The property closed on August 29th, 2014.
  • Unit PH4406 was purchased for $7,100,000, which was an off-mls deal. Magnificent duplex penthouse in Jade Ocean with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and over 6,000 square feet of luxury designed space. The unit, which closed on September 1st 2014, had an asking price of $8,100,000
  • Unit 4401 – is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 4,526 square feet under air, was sold on August 4th, 2014 for $4,650,000. The asking price for the property was $5,400,000.
  • Unit 1401 – is a new record sale at $1,355 per square foot.       This new record price indicates that a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom corner units in Jade Ocean are in huge demand and get the most “bang for your buck”. This unit was sold on August 18th, 2014 and the asking price was $2,888,000.


The above information should give you a pretty good idea how quickly the properties are selling and the price they demand. As you can see, Jade Ocean is a sound and solid investment in residential real estate. However, it is still possible to get the units for less than the asking price, which means you can get great deals.

The bottom line, Jade Ocean is the pinnacle of refined luxury and excellence, set in one of the most stunning areas of the country – the Florida Riviera. Spacious, gorgeous, technologically advanced residences combine with some of the best amenities imaginable to create a living environment that’s truly one of a kind.

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Now that you’ve seen some of the recent sales and have a better idea of just why these properties are selling so well, it may have elevated your interest about Jade Ocean. Get in touch with us today so you can learn more about the properties that are currently available it the building and find your very own dream condominium or penthouse property.


2903$1,450,000$9752/31487Aug 31, 2018A10499232
3801$2,900,000$1,1674/42485Jun 29, 2018A10399796
1608$1,750,000$8953/31956Mar 20, 2018A10328223
3806$1,425,000$9582/30Feb 01, 2018A10341590
3808$2,250,000$9054/42485Nov 20, 2017A2183665
1502$1,150,000$9911/21367Oct 31, 2017A10312575
4008$2,250,000$9054/42485Oct 11, 2017A10044814
4201$2,675,000$1,0764/43116Aug 30, 2017A10300537
3305$1,900,000$9833/31933Jul 31, 2017A10174299
808$1,700,000$8853/31921Jun 19, 2017A10231772
4103$1,650,000$1,1102/31487Jun 02, 2017A10212309
3103$1,650,000$1,1102/31487May 25, 2017A10178077
2302$1,250,000$1,0771/21161Apr 10, 2017A10183292
4401$4,400,000$9414/44677Mar 31, 2017A10152021
1404$2,260,000$1,1693/41933Mar 15, 2017A10171741
2002$1,275,000$1,0981/21161Nov 21, 2016A10132554
1702$1,050,000$9041/21161Oct 21, 2016A2171233
3703$1,825,000$1,2272/31487Apr 19, 2016A10033740
908$1,800,000$6333/32214Mar 15, 2016A2087869
1201$2,300,000$03/32214Jan 28, 2016A2190313
3903$1,705,000$02/31487Jan 11, 2016A2188189
3504$2,800,000$1,4493/31933Oct 26, 2015A2158726
3605$2,750,000$1,4233/31933Oct 21, 2015A2033705
2308$2,250,000$1,0163/32214Sep 04, 2015A2111067
1608$2,400,000$1,0843/32214Aug 21, 2015A1951066
1805$2,500,000$1,2933/31933Jul 24, 2015A1995572
3206$1,940,000$02/30Jun 30, 2015A2106859
2207$1,450,000$1,2491/21161May 15, 2015A2025877
4306$2,250,000$1,5133/31487Mar 20, 2015A2027996
2503$1,020,000$9711/11050Mar 06, 2015A2011110
2306$950,000$1,1071/1858Mar 06, 2015A1869365
2005$2,500,000$1,2933/31933Mar 03, 2015A2026618
3208$3,475,000$1,3984/42485Feb 26, 2015A2059191
3503$2,000,000$1,3452/31487Jan 30, 2015A2016365

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